Ankle Support Socks

For all athletes for stabilization and to help prevent ankle injuries
  • Integrated, anatomically-shaped ankle pads to massage deep tissue and increase microcirculation
  • Proprioceptive ankle and foot stabilization thanks to medi compression
  • Increased blood flow in the foot and reduced blockages thanks to medi compression


The Achilles Support Socks offer legendary support for motivated runners. They protect you against injuries or provide relief from existing pain and discomfort. The anatomically shaped, highly adaptive SMARTMEMORY FOAM pads protect and take excess pressure off your Achilles tendon for noticeable relief. Integrated pads create a massage effect you can feel. The proven medi compression reduces swelling and gives you light legs while also activating your proprioception for an awesome feeling of stability. Be ready for your next heroic feats with the Achilles Support Socks.

Achilles Support Sock

Quality Attributes

  • Each sock is manually inspected multiple times
  • Extreme durability thanks to perfect workmanship and the use of filament fibers
  • Microfiber yarn for superior comfort
  • Outstanding workmanship, Made in Germany

Functional Attributes

  • Perfect anatomical fit for maximum functionality
  • Antibacterial, odor-reducing properties
  • Memory foam pad perfectly hugs contours of the ankles

84 % polyamide, 16 % elastane

Made in Germany