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Compressions socks for men
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  • Their stay-put fit hugs your calf and foot and helps prevent blisters together with their proven blend of materials.
  • They feature an innovative compression profile that activates circulation and increases the supply of nutrients – for light legs with a feel-good effect.
  • The targeted compression promotes metabolism, which accelerates the removal of metabolic waste for active recovery while you exercise.
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This limited edition knows no limits: “Run with the 80's” – with the best running socks for men in a timeless look! The 80's Compression Socks combine the latest CEP technologies with the iconic design of the athletic 80's. Whether you run alone, with your best friend or your entire running crew – you’ll increase your fitness level with the next generation 3.0 men’s sports socks and make a fashion statement as you go the distance.

Lighter legs thanks to men’s running socks with compression by CEP

These running socks for men support you with effective medi compression from the very first K. The Version 3.0 80's Compression Socks have a new and improved compression profile that gradually decreases up the leg. What does this mean for you? The targeted compression activates your legs to ensure an optimal supply of oxygen and nutrients. Compression also accelerates the removal of metabolic waste and replenishes your energy reserves faster. Your legs feel lighter and you already start to recover while you run.

Ankle and arch stabilization for accurate footwork

These stylish running socks for men use compression to activate the skin receptors around your ankles for increased awareness of muscle tension and foot placement. In turn, this stabilizes your joints and reduces the risk of injury – especially on uneven ground.

Improved heat and moisture management and a perfect fit

The 80's Compression Socks wrap around your foot and calf like a second skin. Their perfect fit and Smart Dry yarn with insulating and cooling properties in combination with HeiQ Smart Temperature Technology guarantee that your feet always stay comfortable without any blisters for an incredible running experience.

Timeless and durable thanks to a premium blend of materials

These timeless sports socks with 80's style are made of high-quality filament fibers so they are extremely durable and will be your training companions for years to come.
Get your limited edition 80's Compression Socks now! Their classic striped look makes an athletic statement and you also benefit from the latest CEP technologies.
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83% polyamide, 17% spandex

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CEP Sports offre abbigliamento funzionale ad alta tecnologia di eccellente qualità. Solo una buona cura può garantire un effetto senza ostacoli per un periodo di tempo più lungo.

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